Array Resources provides a variety of staffing options to suit your hiring needs.

A lot of our clients need a contract to hire employee. This is a solution for employers to have prospective employees see if the culture is a good fit and to prove their skillsets.  This option allows candidate and client, for a predetermined amount of time, test the relationship. This can also be beneficial for limited term needs such as absences, project work or seasonal needs.

Array Resources assumes responsibility for employee costs for both options, saving you time and money. We provide:

  1. 1. Weekly payroll administration 
  2. 2. Federal, state, and local tax payments and filings
  3. 3. Unemployment insurance and claims management
  4. 4. Workers’ compensation insurance and claims management
  5. 5. W-2Employment verifications, wage verifications, and garnishments
  6. 6. Labor regulations and compliance
  7. 7. Holiday and vacation pay
  8. 8. Health benefits

If you are ready to get the process started with Array Resources, contact us today!

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