Questions NOT to Ask During Your Next Interview! - Array Resources

Okay, you have prepared for your next interview with how to answer the tough questions they might ask. But do you know what questions you should steer clear of during the interview to make sure you don’t blow it? Here are the 12 questions to NEVER ask during an interview.

  1. What do you do? Do not ask them about the interviewer’s background.
  2. What does the company do? You should already know this.
  3. What is the salary for this position? When is the salary review or when can I expect an increase?
  4. What does the benefits package include?
  5. How much vacation time is offered?
  6. How many hours will I work? Is job sharing a possibility?
  7. Do you drug test? Duh, this one is a no no.
  8. Do you check references?
  9. Are there opportunities for promotion? When may I apply for other positions in the company?
  10. When do you expect to make a decision? This is not the same as asking about next steps.
  11. Did I get the job? This is not the same as asking for the job.
  12. When do I start? This is not the same as letting them know when you are available.

Don’t worry if you have asked one of these questions in the past it is not the end of the world! But make sure next go around you are prepared! Ready to take the next step in your career and prep for your next interview? Give us a call today and we can get started!

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