How to Successfully Prepare for Your Next Interview - Array Resources

We broke down some of the things that might trip you up in your next interview, so you can be sure to answer them appropriately.

  1. Resume Transitions/Work History – Be prepared to discuss reasons for leaving and be sure to keep all career movement positive.
  2. Responsibilities/Qualifications –
    1. Concentrate and have examples of recent accomplishments.
    2. Be prepared to describe yourself, know your characteristics.
    3. What interests you about this position?
    4. What do you like best about your current job? What is your typical day?
    5. Why did you get into this line of work?
    6. What has been your most complex role? Provide examples of projects.
  3. Strengths/Weaknesses
    1. Be prepared to give 2 or 3 examples of each.
    2. What areas can you improve upon in your work performance?
    3. To what do you attribute your success and failures?
    4. Tell me about a time when you had to go above and beyond?
  4. Stress/Time Management
    1. How do you alleviate stress?
    2. Give two examples of things you have done in previous roles that show how you adapt to change?
    3. How do you react under pressure?
    4. Give an example of when you took a risk to achieve a goal.
    5. How do you react when guidelines or deadlines are not clear?
    6. How do you handle rumors and gossip in the workplace?
  5. Relationships
    1. What is your boss’s title and function?
    2. Where do you think the power comes from in your organization?
    3. What do you think differentiates yourself from others?
    4. What are the key ingredients to building and maintaining successful relationships with executives/peers/subordinates or vendors?
    5. Tell me about a time when you were not able to build a successful relationship with a difficult person?
  6. Management Style
    1. Tell about people you have hired and how long they have stayed with you?
    2. What do you do when you are having trouble solving a problem?
    3. Give an example of when you were able to positively influence the action of others. What was the outcome?
    4. How do you measure employees’ performance?
  7. Technical Skills/Education
    1. Be prepared to give examples of projects completed with programs such as PowerPoint, Excel, Databases, CRM, SMM, etc. 
    2. Why did you attend or not attend college? What were your best/worst subjects?
    3. Do not be surprised by questions about your education, such as who accredited your school, what your test scores were…know your numbers.
  8. Company Focused
    1. Tell me why you are interested in our company?
    2. What is the most important thing on your to do list on your first day of work here?
    3. What is your opinion of our new product? Have you seen our ad campaigns?

Don’t feel overwhelmed with all you have to think about but we hope this will empower you to have the knowledge you need to get off on the right foot. For more interview preparation advice feel free to reach out to use to learn more!

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