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Did you know that not all interviews are the same? Knowing what type of interview you’re going to have can give you the confidence in knowing you’re prepared or not. We laid out the different types of interviews and what each one of them can mean.

Informational Interview: Objective is to gain knowledge of role and develop network.

Telephone Interview

Individual Selection Interview

  • Unstructured-Meandering Style. Be prepared to sell yourself.
  • Structured-Directive or Guided. Be prepared to follow their lead.

Committee or Panel Interview

  • Tag Team: Take opportunity to learn from everyone. Bring double the anecdotes.
  • If multiple candidates are present, know they are looking to see how you interact with other candidates as well as their corporate panel.

Behavioral Based Interview: Objective is to see how candidate behaves in certain situations and asks questions on fact, not hypotheticals. “What would you do” questions.

  • Known as STAR(Situation, Task, Action, Result)

Task or Test Oriented Interview

Case Interview: Usually used in management situations to evaluate your analytical/problem solving skills and a hypothetical situation is presented.

Stress Interview: Questions are asked to purposely make you uncomfortable. All questions are negatively phrased and often rapidly timed. Please know this is not personal, treat this as a game and perform well.

Role Playing Interview

  • This is getting more and more common. Be prepared to sell their product or resolve a customer complaint.
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